The Tower of S. Martino della Battaglia

In 1878 a high neogothic style tower was built on the hill of San Martino, not far from the ossary, it was a celebration of the events of the Italian Risorgimento. Its designers were the architect Frizzoni, from Bergamo, and the engineers Luigi Fattori, from Solferino, Monterumici, from Treviso and Cavalieri, from Bologna.The top of the 74 m high tower can be reached by following a long spiral ramp. In the entrance there is a bronze statue of Victor Emanuel II by the sculptor Dal Zotto. The walls were painted by the artist Vittorio Bressanin from Venice.

Climbing the wide ramp you arrive, one at a time, at rooms set one on top of another and dedicated to episodes in the wars of the Risorgimento.The frescoes in the tower are a rather interesting example of Risorgimento art, which is stylistically linked with the historical-romantic trend of which Hayez, Gerolamo and Domenico Induno were the most important representatives.

Whilst in their works the anecdotal aspect, or the portraiture-psychological theme or the romantic taste for recalling a picturesque or colourful past prevail, in the frescoes in the tower of San Martino the emphasis and the minutely descriptive epic-commemorative style, which characterises a large part of official paintings and sculptures in the Italy of Umberto I, predominates; this finds its maximum celebration in the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (1885-1911) decorated with alto-relievo by a sculptor from Lake Garda, Angelo Zanelli from San Felice.

via Torre 2
25015 San Martino della Battaglia, Desenzano del Garda – Italy

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