Santa Maria Maddalena Cathedral

The Cathedral and the Last Supper by Tiepolo Desenzano Cathedral is dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene, it was built between 1586 and 1611 by the Brescian architect, Giulio Todeschini. Inside there are some lovely works by Andrea Celesti, one of the main representatives of Veneto painting in the 17th century. In the Sacred sacraments Chapel, the Last Supper can be admired, a beautiful piece by G.B. Tiepolo, painted in 1738.

In the 19th century chapel, dedicated to St. Angela Merici, there are six paintings by Pietro Calcinardi dedicated to the life of the Saint Patron of Desenzano. In the vestry, there’s a large canvas, representing St. Angela Merici on the right side of the painting; it was ordered by the Desenzano Municipality in 1608 to the Brescian artist Francesco Zugno, one of palma the Young’s best students.

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