Sailing on Lake Garda

In the past the first form of tourism manifested the desire of rest, physical well-being and the desire to enjoy the mild climate and the healthy air, and here was born the Fraglia. In 1928, in Riva del Garda, the Fraglia association was born, officially stating in its bylaws its objective of promoting the development of the art of Sailing, encouraging sporting competition through races.In June 1934, in Riva, the sports club was opened, in the same year of the adjacent Spiaggia degli Ulivi, the so-called “olive-tree beach”, transforming the town of Riva from a Hapsburg health spa into a charming Italian town with a Mediterranean flavor. In 1951, the first edition of Intervela, the International Sailing Week, took place, an event which in 2010 celebrated its sixtieth edition.
In the winter of 1948, a group of young sailing enthusiasts from Verona founded the Fraglia della Vela di Torri, the second club of Lake Garda after the Fraglia Vela of Riva del Garda. With the first International Rule, race organized in 1949, it became an official member of the Italian Sailing Federation. Dal 1950 the Circolo Vela Gargnano is one of the most active sailing clubs in the Italian and international sports. In addition to the events proposed by the local calendar, there are also national, world and European level championships of various categories, and in 1996 was born the Homerus project of independent sailing for the blind, which was consecrated with the victory in the World Championship in 2003.
In was the 20th of April 1958 when a group of sailors from Desenzano gave life to the ” Fraglia Desenzanese della Vela e del Motore”, dedicated to both sailing and motor boats. Subsequently the sports association was renamed to its current name “Fraglia Vela Desenzano”. The history of the Fraglia is the history of its town, and of his people who enjoy themselves and practice sports on the water of the largest Italian lake, in a unique, direct relationship with the environment and the landscape.

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