Lake Garda, which is 346 metres deep, is of glacial origin and features some interesting rock formations on its bed. The lake offers a range of different scuba-diving areas along its coastline, alternating rocky outcrops and sandy beds. There are numerous fish species in the various periods of the year, freshwater prawns and a varied flora. A number of treasures from different periods can be found on the bed of the lake, ranging from Venetian galleys, which are the remains of the long period of domination of the Republic of Venice in the area, to the warship sighted during the latest survey campaign by the University of Parma.

There are suggestive scuba-diving opportunities along vertical walls plunging to a depth of 200 metres. The law requires scuba-divers to always signal their presence by means of a buoy with a red flag with a diagonal white stripe, or, alternatively, a red flag with a diagonal white stripe flying from a support boat. Divers – with or without breathing apparatuses – must then remain within A RADIUS OF 50 METRES from the buoy or the boat flying the flag.

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